Battle of the Bands

August 26, 2010

I hadn’t been to a battle of the bands since I played in one when I was 17 (White Ball, Tiverton, came second, still bitter, although we had a mosh pit in what now is the dinning area of a Weatherspoons, good times/bad times), however mates of ours, the almighty 31, were taking part so we went along for the crack…

First up we had Run From Robots, pop punk from Somerset, the home of pop punk! This genre isn’t my personal cup of tea, but they had decent tunes, knew how to rock out, and were tight as a rats ass. Next up were Cry Havoc, who in the heats suffered from some bad sound or something, but they ripped a new pocket in my otter with some kind of windmill hair rock grandchild of Guns n’ Roses meets a glammed up Pantera… or something. I seriously thought the drummer was going to take of at one point!

Caesura were next on the bill, I was looking forward to these as they were awesome in the heats, didn’t quite nail as well in the final, and maybe suffered from sound issues early on, but still mighty impressive, reminded me a lot of Napalm Death when they do the heavy but melodic riffs with the brutal voice over the top, good chill out music basically!! Last on the bill, quite fittingly were 31, and I don’t want to swell there egos, or anything else for that matter, too much, but they do seem to get better every time I see them, deserved winners, and overall a pretty stonking night. You can’t beat a mid-week Cavern scream fest to cheer the soul now can you?

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