Devon Feeds………eps 2

October 26, 2010

Yo Yo ere we are again ……. Got another hot food review for ee.

This time its at the Rising Sun in Lynmouth north Devon.  We come to this joint quite a bit because of the duck spotting, an over night stop here is a must if your into early morning twitching..

The landlords a good chap he’ll sort you out proper as long as you don’t dry yer balls in the dyson air blade……….

Right o , we all had steaks for main courses because the starters were a bit pricey and already had 6 pints , steak was medium cooked and tasted ansum. Came with chips, tomatoes and a mushroom.  The rest of the menu looked good, bit pricey for pub grub but you are in Lynmouth and you if you want cheap nosh you got to leg it to Ilfracombe. Managed to fit a pudding in, we had crème bob-sleigh, plum crumble and aaa passion fruit ows yer father( couldnt remember the posh name) Yes they were all well nice especially the passion fruit thing!!   After that we cracked back into the ales, good selection of Exmoors finest, had another half dozen wildcats and finished on the stag!

Overall a good feed , stuffed as a matress , and drunk as a maize badger..never got up in time in morning for the birds either had fun with the air blade tho… sorry!

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