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July 15, 2010

This is where we randomly go out and about to sample Devon’s grub and give you our version of a food review……we wont use fancy culinary words coz we don’t know any . We hope this is useful to you……

Riverford farm kitchen. Lunch time 1.00pm

Was told about this place by some bloke in Chagford, didn’t really know what to expect. You gotta book in advance because they’ve got to grow the veg first… We paid £17 for main meal and a pudding, bit pricey you might say?? (There is Trago Mills up the road if you want to lower your spending and raise your cholesterol). The main was well good, you share it all on a big table with random people and there’s more than enough to go round (I was stuffed as a mattress). Loads of different veg and one meat, we had lamb. Booze was a bit steep, I had some organic ale which was nice . The desert selection was off the chain!!! TOO many to choose from and they were all well good!  We left there full as gooses and I was drunk as a mattress ..??

You could go on a farm walk which I thought would be well cool to see animals and tractors, but it was a  walk around the veg fields to look at marrows and beans etc so we couldn’t be arsed . We went to Trago looking at chavs instead!! (haha joke) Apparently the Gurdon Ramsey was here once and he never called anyone a ****in ***ker so it must be ok?….

Overall it was a good feed for the money .

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