NDA at the Devon County Show

May 26, 2011

NDA at the Devon County Show
This year we got involved at the County Show! We thought sponsoring the sheep shearing would be a great thing to do, so we did.
People need to see this stuff, it’s well good to watch : a few ciders, sheep’s fleeces flying around and  a well good commentary: you get proper into it.
I could not believe the speed of these guys (and girls of course).  Minute and a half is good but 45 seconds? Bugger ! They made it look so easy, it would take me longer to worm the cat….
Thanks for letting us get involved, King Alan D’man and Gavin and well done to all the shearers ..

While we were there we got amongst the show and  had a bit of fun checking out all the other stuff going on .
Probably stroked 50 cows. Found Kirsty Allsop  in the grub tent looking for Cornish curry??? ( What is Cornish curry?? Suppose they’re going to claim it like the pasty !)
Had a race up a gert wall , hung out in the duck tent, milked a wooden cow and generally wandered about  looking for interesting  stuff.
We will be back next year and thanks to all who popped by.  

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