Alex & Jennifer de Vries

Who: Alex & Jennifer / Immersion eleven team

Disciplines: Zap cat / power boat

Heroes: Val Kilmer, Fern Cotton

About Alex and Jennifer:

Team Profile:

Race Number: 11

Pilot: Alex de Vries Co-Pilot: Jennifer de Vries

A welcome to the new NDA-Team to brother and sister, based out of Plymouth, Devon. It’s well worth checking out this sport, it’s pretty intense , the g-force on the turns is savage.

Alex raced in the Zapcat National Series (a more restricted race series of similar style hulls) from 2002-2008.  This is Jens first year of powerboat racing professionally, although she has represented GB in other sports before.

Racing: We shall be competing in the UK RYA Thundercat Powerboat Racing series within the Pro Stock Class.  There is one or more weekend of racing a month, from April to October, all over the country.  The events are split into different disciplines, circuit or longhaul and vary over course conditions from flat high-speed lakes to tough offshore surf and swell.


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