Wave cruiser

September 11, 2020

We teamed up with Devon-based artist and creator Tom Metcalf to come up with a new T design. This design was based on a photo of a local surfer on the East Devon coast; it depicts the power of a wave with no disturbance in its early form, and how a person can use the energy for fun..     https://www.newdevonarmy.co.uk/product/wave-cruiser/

I’m currently based in Braunton, North Devon, having moved here from Exmouth around a year ago to follow my passion for surfing and satisfy my need for more regular waves than the south coast had to offer. Being able to surf more in turn helps to feed my creativity and provide me with inspiration, as well as being a great escape and calming influence in my life.
I really enjoyed working on this tee design for NDA. From the moment Jason sent the original photo over and we started chatting about ideas, to getting to work on it, things just seemed to flow naturally. It’s so easy to over complicate things, but I wanted to keep try and keep things simple, which is something I’ve been trying to apply to life too. I’m really stoked with how the final design has turned out and I hope you like it too.
If you want to learn more about my artwork, you can find me at the following places online.
Or on Instagram: @tomseagerart @carvefinart @lushfins

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